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During a three day period beginning December 3, street level prostitution was targeted, with 17 female and one male prostitute arrested. On December 12, escorts advertising on the internet were targeted with eight prostitutes arrested.

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These arrests will certainly drive down the murder rate and restore Pensacola to being safer than Detroit. What are they going to do, sue you for lost prostitution wages, ha?! I use to work at tire place with mr ward, could not ask for a better man.

Red-light district

They all knew well that what they were about to do was illegal and a sin. Yes If I were head of a church I would step down but make no mistake as long as Steve continues to believe and trust in God God will use him.

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All of the white people are on WIC. Run them out of business here. Our sin is just as real no matter what it is. What Brother Ward did was wrong. Very embarrassing and hurtful to the church family. It can be regulated, it can be relegated to areas where it will not be a nuisance to the public. Anointed of God is not just preachers they are saints of God as well. It will probably solve all of the burglaries too.

Florida has the highest rates for human trafficking in the country with Northwest Florida being the highest in the state per capita.

Yes, they have chosen what they do. If you seek out a prostitute you can still serve as a pastor or deacon.

Prostitution, buying and selling of people. Everyone of us has story. Reply to this Comment 3 Replies Been here since March. However, there are a ton of religious weirdos that like to preach to you whether you want it or not.

Just wondering why none of these crimes showed up on ECSO crime map? God knows what you do inwardly and outwardly…. That church is better than that. We all make mistakes, the ones that say such horrible things are the ones that have not been caught for their wrong doing!! You are looking at broken men and women with an addiction. We all make mistakes. The truth is we are all human and God has given use the ability to choose right from wrong. A friend.

Should all be there now. I am not much of a church going person but I do believe in GOD. As to why it is illegal, wives pushed to have it outlawed. Steve, Karen, Emily Nicole and I send you all of our prostitute and prayers.

My pastor has urged our church to pray for him. Almost a year ago, that was me, it was not the fitst time i had been arrested for prostitution. How was he hiding this expense from his family? To the girls pictured, get a new career, you are all disgusting, dirtyand I would rather be six feet under than be in the same room with any of you. Everyone makes mistakes. These women are someones daughter, sister, and most likely the majority of them someones mother. Will any Church volunteer to provide help for any of the women? I mean according to most people here Christians….

The only thing to do here is go to the beach. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. To all the guys picking these prostitutes up, you are more disgusting than they arethey are filthy trash and you are lower that that. Why is there such disproportionate concern about the Church Pastor versus the Prostitutes? Says a lot about the guys that are paying for it on the street.

I have different people begging me for money every time I use the gas station at night. Do not EVER get pensacola on either of these ro after dark.

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He will be responsible for all affected by this that may quit church or never come to God. He earned my trust to the point all I would do is walk in, tell him what I needed, and ask how much. As for the men, sexual addiction is just as real as substance addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, bi polar disorder, ect. They have already been tried and found guilty. These other men might be leaders in their business, owners of business, teachers, counselors? Concerning the pastor.

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If someone says something bad about you, don't respond. Prostitution is the buying and selling of PEOPLE that is human trafficking and it is not okay and it is more then a simple mistake. No little girl says when I grow up I want to be a prostitute, I want to sell my body and soul. To haha, Amen brother, Amen. Comments will not be added to stories that are over 30 days old. It is best to touch not the anointed of God.

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Red light district tour of pensacola

I feel sorry for his wife and family. I only counted He just got caught unlike others in the religious circuit who have not been publicly exposed. The ECSO has provided more names and photos. No little girl grows up wanting to be a prostitute.

But if you was to read your bible and look at Davids life. There were two additional arrests made for narcotics related crimes. It's all I wanted to pay for rent Agree 37 Disagree He is the father of one of my old and once best friend, and I was really shocked to see this. I have too many other small dings to count from people opening their doors and hitting it.

They have a collection of mug shots. Never should we be judgemental, and throw this man to the dogs. I agree. You know know every time you say that your praising Satan I bet he gets the biggest smile on his facethe devil love to here how he makes us do things. And I know that Bro Ward feels like the least right now. Back to the preacher. What are the odds of getting caught on your first visit? I hope in time the church can recover and come out stronger than ever.

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Not one of them made it easy on me on the street but I thank God for that because I straightened out my life after not having any choice. Agree 42 Disagree It might be nice to know where this was happening in our community. Ha ha ha, i absolutely love it when members of a church get busted.

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Much love to Pensacola! The Wards are a tough family, and I imagine they will have the strength and hope to get through this. It seems like almost all the black people that live here are on foodstamps and welfare.

51 arrests made in prostitution sweep (with mugshots)

Ward would have anything to do with this. The only thing that I can say is thank God for giving all of us a forgiving heart. BestPlaces Mobile App. I urge you to be careful about digging pits for others because according to scripture he that digs a pit for another just might end up in it himself.