You've completed the process of recruiting and hiring and are looking forward to your new employee's first day. Now what? In this course, discover how you can effectively integrate new hires into your team and set them up for success in working with you, their colleagues, and the company at large. Learn about the prep work you need to do before Day 1 and how to make the first day, week, month, three months, and year successful experiences. Todd Dewett will help you make your new hires feel welcome, informed, and ready to contribute.


About the Author

Dr. Todd Dewett is a leading speaker, writer, and coach in the leadership and life skills space.

Dr. Dewett is one of the world's most powerful voices in the leadership and life skills space. As a professional speaker, he inspires. As a writer, he educates. As a coach, he transforms. After beginning his career with Andersen Consulting and Ernst & Young, Todd served for ten years as a decorated professor of management, until speaking and writing became full-time pursuits. He is a TEDx speaker, Inc. magazine top 100 leadership speaker, and two-time #1 most viewed author at Lynda.com. His latest book is Show Your Ink: Stories about Leadership and Life. His unique take on leadership has resulted in quotes in the New York Times,

Course Intro Video


  1. Onboarding Introduction

  2. Choosing A Direction

  3. Activities before 1st day

  4. addressing internal tasks

  5. choosing onboarding tools

  6. Exploring Role As A Manager

  7. Assigning A Buddy And A Mentor

  8. Examining a New Employee Role

  9. The First Day

  10. The First Few Months

  11. The First Year

  12. Working with HR

  13. Exploring Special Cases

  14. avoiding common chalenges

  15. Exploring the Future of Onboarding

  16. What Next


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