What Is A Human Resource Management

What Is A Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM)

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Human resource management (HRM) is a comprehensive and coherent approach to the employment and development of people. HRM can be regarded as a philosophy about how people should be managed, which is underpinned by a number of theories relating to the behaviour of people and organizations.

It is concerned with the contribution it can make to improving organizational effectiveness through people but it is, or should be, equally concerned with the ethical dimension – how people should be treated in accordance with a set of moral values.

HRM involves the application of policies and practices in the fields of organization design and development, employee resourcing, learning and development, performance and reward and the provision of services that enhance the well-being of employees. These are based on human resource (HR)strategies that are integrated with one another and aligned to the business strategy.

Some people object to the term ‘human resources’ because it implies that people can be manipulated like any other factor of production. Instead they favour ‘people management’. But HRM is the most commonly used term.

‘Positive job attitudes for workers in an organization can be expected when the natural inclinations of the persons there are allowed to be reflected in their behaviours by the kinds of processes and structures that have evolved there.’

HR work is now ‘largely framed as a business issue’. The emphasis is on business alignment and strategic fit. These are important requirements but focusing on them can lead HR professionals to place correspondingly less emphasis on employee needs and motivations

when developing their new and altered arrangements. A simplistic view of the business imperative permits little room for considering how HR strategy should impact on individual employees.

HRM indeed aims to support the achievement of business goals but, equally, it should aim to build a relationship based on trust, openness and personal fulfilment.

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