SHRM is proud to present you with the full competency model in this document. Through professional development and continuous improvement, any HR professional can contribute to his or her organization’s success in a meaningful way. We have conducted several rounds of model development and content validation to provide specific behaviors that define proficiency at each stage of an HR professional’s career. This competency model is designed to serve as a resource for HR professionals interested in developing proficiency within each critical competency, from professionals just entering their HR career to those at the executive level. In other words this competency model can help you, the HR practitioner, develop a road map to achieve your HR professional goals. This competency model is intended to be used for developmental purposes only. Selection decisions should not be based upon this model.

SHRM’s HR Competency Model comprises nine primary competencies.
* Human Resource Expertise
* Relationship Management
* Consultation
* Leadership and Navigation
* Communication
* Global and Cultural Effectiveness
* Ethical Practice
* Critical Evaluation
* Business Acumen

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