How Learning New Skills Turns a Review Around

How Learning New Skills Turns a Review Around

How Learning New Skills Turns a Review Around

Even the highest performing employees will get negative feedback on occasion during their performance appraisal. It’s not the bad review that’s at issue, it’s how we as employees choose to react to the feedback, and the best way is to turn the negative into a positive.

After a poor performance review, employees motivated to turn that feedback around tend to take one of three approaches: They try to prove their competence, avoid tasks they’re not up to, or take the initiative to learn and develop new skills. The most effective employees are those who take the third approach, using negative feedback as a catalyst to push themselves to learn and grow in their jobs and their careers—an approach that will serve them well for years to come.

It’s an easy approach to take in this day and age too when online certifications from quality providers are easy to find and built to fit into the busy schedules of working professionals. Courses and certifications like those offered by Simplilearn teach current technologies and best practices with an emphasis on hands-on learning that makes lessons immediately applicable.

Given that availability of quality online learning, just about every employee has the option to turn a review around, from a criticism that was hard to hear to a jump start to an improved career.

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