What Is A Competency Model

What Is A Competency Model

What Is A Competency Model

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In the audio article no 1 we talked about “what is a competency?” But how the company work based on competencies ?  what is the tool to work based on competencies?

The tool is a competency model, so today we talked about what is a competency model? A competency model refers to a collection of competencies that are needed for effective job performance.

The individual KSAOs or combinations of KSAOs are the competencies,  and the set of competencies is typically referred to as the competency model.

Developers of competency models often organize competencies by various criteria, such as whether the competencies apply to all jobs in an organization (this group of competencies we call it core competencies)  or profession, or whether they are specific to particular jobs or roles (we call it technical competencies).

In addition, competency models typically include detailed information, such as key behaviors and standards of proficiency that apply to different levels of job experience or expertise.

In the field of HR, competency models play an important role in the selection, training and appraisal of HR and other professionals. Individually, HR professionals can use competency models for career management and development purposes by guiding the choice of job assignments and in making other career decisions.

 Organizations can use competency models to help structure themselves and their teams to align what is needed for successful performance with organizational strategy. Organizations can also use well-designed competency models to build performance assessments for existing employees, create behavioral interviews for hiring new employees and determine selection criteria for succession planning.

Developing a competency model for the HR profession has allowed companies to identify how best to serve employees at each stage of their careers.

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