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Features for Instructors

Sell Your Courses Securely

we have a high security levels to prevent any hacking activities against your courses, students payment . more details click here 

Multiple Price Plan

we provide a multiple price plan starting for free plan up to international branded instructors to give you the ability to try our service before you pay . more details click here

Multiple Payment Options

we provide multiple payment options with or without credit cards . for more details click here


we market your courses to help you increase your sales. marketing activities depend on your plan. more details click here

Promotion & Graphics

we provide all services any instructor needs including video production services and graphic designs with or without animation. more details click here

Instructor's Branding

we provide a high professional programs aim to increase the awareness or building an instructor's brand by coaching or activities

Social Interaction

we provide a professional platform between instructors & his students within private and public groups . more details click here

Instructor's Blog

we provide free blog for each instructor to help him / her providing articles as a marketing content 

Accredited Certificates

we provide Attendance Certificates for each course accredited by multiple authorized institutions in USA & Egypt. more details click here

Multiple Support Options

we provide many support types for instructors & trainees with multiple options of support. more details click here

Become Instructor Q & A

What are the system requirements for course trainers and trainees?
Where to Start Publish My Courses
How Can I Choose & Activate My Instructor Plan
Did You Provide Any Training About How to use your system?
Is there any file size limit when publishing or uploading course?
Can my trainees receive a certificate for completing a course?
Can I get a report of trainee’s completion scores?
How do my trainees get access to course?
How do I communicate with my trainees ?
Is there any limit for group creation?
From where can i know instructor feature's plan details & prices
Is there any addition payment added to a monthly pay?
how and when can i payout my money?
what can i do if any problem exist within my process to publish my courses?

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